Toernooie beplan, neem deel asb.

Daar gaan geen WP liga plaasvind vanjaar nie.

Daar word egter plaaslike toenooie beplan waaraan spelers kan deelneem.
Games will be staggered to reduce social contact and to adhere to the covid-19 safety protocols. It will be structured in the same that we usually play our club champs.

We also have a new point base ranking system to try and better the ranking system. We will implement this system when first games start.

Tournaments in the pipeline are the following:

1. Spring league (time based) will not carry much weight on ranking. This is to get back to the court again. Please enter now.

2. Post Covid lockdown tournament (Best out of 5 games) . At the moment this is planned on the same format as club champs. Will carry more weight on ranking. Will commence immediately after the Spring league loosener.

3. Club champs starts middle January. Will carry lots of weight in ranking.

4. Paarl Open (end of January). Weekend tournament. All games between Paarl club players will count towards ranking.