WP League

We will compete in the Western Province league this year with 8 teams in the men’s league and 2 teams in the ladies’ league.

A league usually consists out of 9 or 10 teams, playing a double round, home and away.

Congratulations to the 3rd league ladies that finished top of their log with quite a big margin for 2017.

Due to their performance they will compete in the 2nd league in 2018.

Congratulation to Michelle Graham on her individual reward as best performer in her category in 2017.

Paarl teams participating in the 2018 WP league will be:
Ladies 1st and 2nd league
Men’s 2nd, 5th, 9th, 12th, 14th, 14th youth team, 15th and 16th league

(For more detail and scorecards once the competition is on its way, you can visit www.resultsandnews.com.)