Membership Fees per annum for 2020

Entry Fee for New Members:              R200

Single Member:                                     R1970
Single Member on Debit Order:          R217 per month for 10 months

Family Membership:                            R3050
Family Membership on Debit Order: R325 per month for 10 months

Student/Pupil Membership:               R680 (Proof needed)

Temporary Membership:                    R300 per month for a maximum of 3 months per year
Visitors Fee:                                          R50 (Includes lights fee)

Booking Fees for lights:                      R9 per person for a 45 min session (R18 per court)

Debit orders need to be done by 15 Jan 2021 to fall in the above stated amount.
Please contact club on 021 872 6050 for pro rata fees if not joining at year start.

To apply for membership find the application forms on this page (buttons underneath) or ask for it at the club during Office or bar hours. Completed form(s) to be handed in at club with payment (or proof thereof) or debit order application form.